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Friday, March 9, 2012

Save Purina Weight Circles and Help FFGR, Inc.

More angels among us! Thanks to all of those angels who cut all of the Purina weight circles off their bags of dog food and donate them to us. Thanks to your efforts our group has just received checks in the total amount of $1,350 to pay for any future vet bills! We save the weight circles and then Bill adds them all up and sends them in to Purina. Since we started our group, we always got checks for $500. This time, because of the efforts everyone made, we now have a credit at our vet for $1,350!

If you are using Purina products, here is what you can get the weight circles from. Each weight circle is worth a certain number of points and the points add up to money or products. We always choose the money for the vet.

The list of which foods have the weight circles:

Pro Plan Selects: 12 points
Pro Plan Performance: 12 points
Purina Veterinary Diets: 12 points
ALL OTHER Pro Plan and Purina One foods (including puppy foods): 11 points - there are a LOT of products under this category, too many to list. You will have to check the bags for a weight circle.

The points also vary by the weight of the bags.

Other participating Purina Brands: 8 points (these include Beef Complete, Bonz, Butcher's Burger, Chezy Chews, Chew Morsels, Chuck Wagon, Lucky Dog, Moist and Chunky, Kibbles and Chunks, Nature's Course, Praise, Prime and Ribz brands (these must really be low end!)

There are no cat food products listed.

Thanks to all of you! See what you did? And you didn't even have to leave home except to buy the dog food!

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